What's the Choosy Baes Loyalty Program?

Our Choosy Baes Loyalty Program offers you some amazing perks :-)

All you have to do to sign up is make an account with Choosy! Please remember to sign in and place orders using your Choosy account in order to enjoy the Choosy Baes program.

There are many ways you can receive points, all listed below. 

You can automatically become a Silver member by creating a Choosy account.  We recommend Liking us on Instagram (75 points) and filling out the Customer Profile (75 points) to become a Rose member in less than 2 minutes!  You can fill out your Customer Profile by signing in, clicking Account, and then clicking Profile.  

Please note: There is an approval period of 14 days once you make your purchase to move up to a higher tier.


Silver Rose Gold Platinum
Points for Shopping $1 = 1 points $1 = 1 points $1 = 2 points $1 = 2 points
Customer Profile 75 points
Refer a Friend 25 points 50 points 75 points 100 points
Follow us on Instagram 75 points
Follow us on Twitter 30 points
Follow us on Facebook 30 points
Points on your Birthday 100 points 200 points 300 points
Exclusive Events Yes!


Why it’s awesome: You’ll receive 1 point for every dollar spent.

To join: Simply create an account on our website www.getchoosy.com.


Why it’s awesome: You'll receive 100 points annually on your birthday, increased points for Referring a Friend, and all Silver perks.

To join: Reach 100 points.


Why it’s awesome: You'll receive 2 points for every dollar spent, and 200 points annually on your birthday, and increased points for Referring a Friend.  You’ll also receive all Silver and Rose perks.

To join: Reach 3000 points.


Why it’s awesome: You’ll receive invitations to our exclusive events, 300 points annually on your birthday, and increased points for Referring a Friend.  You’ll also receive all Gold, Rose, and Silver perks.

To join: Reach 6000 points.



You can redeem points for gift cards (which is in the form of an electronic code) to our website.  Gift cards do not expire but may be subject to additional terms. Rewards may be redeemed as follows:
Points Gift Card
100 points $5 Gift Card
200 points $10 Gift Card
400 points $20 Gift Card
1000 points $50 Gift Card
2000 points $100 Gift Card

What are the terms and conditions of the Choosy Baes Loyalty Program?

"Points are subject to the following conditions and restrictions:
Points for Shopping are awarded based on the U.S. dollar amount that you pay for merchandise or services at Choosy, including tax, and excluding shipping, or amounts paid through gift cards. 
Purchases of gift cards do earn points. Using points to claim gift cards does not earn points.
We may deduct points earned for shopping to account for any merchandise returns for which a customer received a refund. 
You will earn points for shopping only once you have created an account on www.getchoosy.com. You must be signed into your Choosy account and place orders using your Choosy account in order to earn points. 
You may earn only one lifetime award for each act of completing a customer profile, following us on Instagram, following us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook. If you like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to gain Loyalty program points, please ensure that you disclose the point receipt on your social media account.
In order to receive points for a referral, the person must be a new customer who uses your referral link or code and spends $25.00 after any referral promotions or discounts have been applied. By way of example, if we offer a $10.00 discount to a new customer who uses your referral link, the new customer must spend $35.00 for you to receive credit for the referral. You may not refer yourself. The points will be added to your account approximately 30 days after your friend’s purchase. Points are awarded based on the date that your friend completes a purchase with us. If your friend returns their entire purchase, or if we determine (in our sole discretion) that you referred yourself, we reserve the right to deduct the points awarded for the referral from your points balance.
Your points balance may run a deficit balance if we deduct points from your points balance.
From time to time, Choosy may elect, in its sole discretion, to confer a Tier level upon some individuals based on criteria other than those stated above.

(a) For purposes of eligibility for Tiers, Tiers are calculated based on earnings no matter how many points the customer has redeemed. User tiers are determined by approved points as opposed to current points - when a user spends points, this does not move them down a tier. 

By way of example:

You join the Loyalty Program and make a purchase of $100. You earn 100 points and reach the Rose Tier. You then return $50 of merchandise from your purchase, and we deduct 50 points from your balance. Your Tier is now Silver.
You are in the Gold Tier with 3500 points and spend 1000 to claim a gift card. Your Tier level remains Gold.
You are in the Platinum Tier with 6,100 points. You have not been active for 4 months, and your points expire, returning you to 0 points and the Silver Tier.
You claim a $20 gift card with 400 points. You do not earn points for this reward.

(b) Points Expiration. Points expire and your Tier level resets to Silver if your account has not been active after 4 months, meaning that you have not earned points or redeemed points for rewards. Activity based on point deductions (e.g., for returns) is not counted for purposes of establishing account activity. 

(c) Additional Terms. The points are promotional in nature and have no monetary value. Points are not redeemable for cash. Points are non-transferrable and may not be combined with points held within any other account. Points may not be assigned, exchanged, sold, traded, bartered, purchased, given by gift or otherwise transferred. All points earned are subject to verification by Choosy; points that cannot be verified to the satisfaction of Choosy are subject to adjustment, cancellation, or disqualification at our sole discretion. Choosy reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to (i) terminate an account at any time for any reason or (ii) invalidate any points, rewards, Tier status, or Tier benefits that it deems to have been awarded in error, or as the result of any actual or suspected fraudulent or dishonest activity (including without limitation, the use of any system, macro, script, or bot to manipulate the Loyalty Program). Reasons for account cancellation or benefit invalidation may include, without limitation, activity that actually or potentially harms any Choosy or any third party, violations of law, or any other activity not in keeping with the letter and/or spirit of these Terms, as interpreted by us in our sole and absolute discretion. If your account has been canceled, you are prohibited from registering for a new account without the prior written permission of Choosy.

(d) Changes to or Termination of the Loyalty Program. Choosy may change or terminate all or part of the Loyalty Program at any time in its sole discretion, with or without prior notice (including, without limitation, by changing the number of points awarded for an activity, by deleting or adding an activity that may earn points, by increasing or decreasing the number of points needed for a reward, by deleting or adding a reward). Changes or termination may result in loss of accumulated points or other benefits and privileges associated with the Loyalty Program."